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Rich pictures

Rich pictures can be produced in different ways depending on time and budget, while the goal remains the same - to visually capture complex or multiple ideas in a picture which is rich in metaphors and stories. 

The examples below show three ways of producing a Rich picture. On the left is a whiteboard Rich picture for GovNet, produced in a few hours while listening to seminars on how local Government can utilise existing technology to improve local services and reduce budgets. The image in the centre is a Rich picture sketch for the Partnership for Child Development, which took a few days to produce. The picture shows how a school can be a platform for health education for the wider community. On the right is a detailed Rich picture for Atos IT, which took many days to go from concept to final vector artwork. The picture aims to help explain the V-Model software development by comparing it to Formula 1 engine development. All the Rich pictures were produced to generate better conversations and communicate key ideas and concepts.

Rich pictures - Whiteboard for GovNet
Whiteboard Rich picture for GovNet




Rich pictures - sketch for the Partnership for Child Development, Imperial College
Rich picture sketch for PCD, Imperial College

Rich pictures - The Testing Factory for Atos IT
The Testing Factory for Atos IT

If you are interested in discussing a Rich picture project or wish to see more work please call David on +44 (0)20 8546 3462 or contact him via the Contact pageLinkedIn or email.